Writing Roundup 2014

Here is the full list of links for all the stories I posted over this year! Thank you to everyone who has followed me so far, and liked and commented on my stories, I really do appreciate it! I hope you will continue to enjoy my stories into 2015!

Wishing you all a happy holidays and a good New Year,

AJ x

(Links under the read more)

(NB – Stories marked with ** are my personal favourites)

Teacup Stories

**Breakfast at the Bakery(Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – PG) – Emi went to Mistress Ijo’s bakery in the hope of some work, and maybe even a piece of bread.

**Deliverance – (Rating: 15, Genre: General, Genre: Horror) –  Elsha figured that if god wanted to make life special he wouldn’t have made people so easy to kill.

**Expression (Genre – General, Rating – PG) – It is a strange word to consider, as the very word in itself means hundreds of things depending upon the medium. 

Life – (Genre – General, Genre – Free writing, Analysis, Rating – PG) What is life?

Lost for Words – (Rating: PG, Genre: General, Genre: Fantasy) – Penny used words to try and express herself. It didn’t help she couldn’t find the right words.

Ocean – (Rating PG, Genere: General) – In the middle of the ocean, there is nothing.

Rebellion – (Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Horror, Rating – 15, Warnings – Graphic Violence, Death) – Death, obviously, was the greatest equaliser of them all. 

**Stars and Singing – (Genre – General, Rating – 12, Warnings – Swearing) – On a group camping trip, Kate found herself looking to the stars for her council. 

Starlight – (Genre – General , Rating – PG) – Even starlight dies. 

**Unique – (Rating: PG, Genre: General) –  Mortality was something that Tez had become used to as he aged. People forgot you, people ignored you, you were invisible to the world because they simply didn’t care.

Without – (Genre – General, Rating – PG) – Nate had to describe just one word if he was to succeed. 

Wrecked – (Genre – General, Rating – PG) – A ship can be wrecked, pummelled against a shore by the sea. Wrecked can also mean an emotion. 

Universe – Tales of the Dragon

**Future – (Universe – Tales of the Dragon, Rating: PG, Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy) Veli carried her kingdom’s last hope in her satchel, the small piece of paper which had doomed them all.

Universe – Revenge of the Past

Pity  (Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Adventure, Rating – 12, Universe – Revenge of the Past) – Tabatha pitied the Powereds. After all, they were all going to die. 


**Basement Ghosts – (Rating: 15, Genre – Horror, Genre – Supernatural, Genre – General) – (988 words) 

I like to think myself a relatively normal person, I’m not one to believe in the supernatural. But when I sat on my heels in the freezing cold kitchen, listening to the loose metal frames of the glass rattle in the wind and the broken bulb above my head flicker just slightly I can’t help but wonder.

What if?

Killing Fields – (Rating: 15, Genre – Horror, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Sci Fi) – (1004 words)


That was the best word to describe it. Not bleak in a negative way which suggested that there was no beauty at all to look upon. No, the grey sky and the damp red of the dying ferns still held a different type of beauty in it, but it was not the beauty of new life.

It was the beauty of death.

Writing about Writing

‘What if’ – My analysis on the concept of worldbuilding.

**‘Motivation’ – An analysis of the concept of motivation.



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