Writing on Writing – The Deadly Art of Boredom

I’ve had a few weeks this month where I have been stuck in far too many traffic jams that I would like.

Naturally, traffic jams are frustrating. They are frustrating because as I watch the clock tick another minute on, I think of all the immeasurably more useful things I could be doing with my time than sitting in a car that isn’t moving, studying the same patch of grass that I studied yesterday because there is nothing else to look at.

I’ve recently tried to encourage myself to write when I really don’t feel like it. Not the writer’s block kind of ‘not feeling like it’, but the lazy, tired kind of ‘not feeling like it’ that is associated with having spent the day thinking and hours driving home staring at grass.

There is a dichotomy, between making writing a routine, and making writing a chore. For me, writing is a hobby, a fantastic and brilliant hobby but still a hobby. And no hobby should be treated with strict deadlines or constrictions in my opinion, as for me I lose the joy of actually doing the hobby in the first place.

How does this relate to boredom? One of the great things about boredom, especially about being locked in traffic with nowhere to go and nothing to distract me, is that I can kindle the drive to sit down and write on my own terms. It gives my creativity a place to breathe in amongst the dregs of tiredness, so that when I get to a weekend I have enough creative ideas stored up that I cannot not write them down on the page.

Everyone has a different method of writing, and of trying to get through the difficult patches. I’m starting to learn what my writing method is, now I have the opportunity to actually chose to write, rather than just writing in what few spare moments I had. Free time is both a blessing and a curse, but with a few weekly traffic jams thrown into the mix, I hope it turns out that my free time can be a productive way to follow my writing dreams.


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