On Writing – On Anniversaries

This month, my little blog turns two years old.

It’s still quite a little blog, I will admit I don’t really publicise outside of wordpress that it exists. It’s my little corner of the internet that allows me to post my original writing, and to encourage me to keep writing.

I have to say, in that respect it has worked wonderfully. Even though I am a totally different place in life than where I was two years ago (I certainly don’t write as much in the evenings as I used to), I have still written. I’ve tried to push out of my comfort zone to try and create some variety in the characters of settings that I use, and allow myself to develop as a writer by writing different genres that I would never consider writing.

Whenever a story gets posted, I love to wait to see if anyone likes it (and when someone does, I’m on cloud nine for a good long while!). It’s amazing to know that finally my original stories are being read by strangers who enjoy them, after so long of sitting on my hard drive never seeing the light of day.

So in the future?

I hope to develop my blog to be a bit more than just a placeholder of original writing. This will take time as I’m still learning how to blog and create content that people will find interesting to read and interact with. But it’ll be a nice new challenge, one that will allow me to share my writing with a wider group of people.

Beyond that, I’d love to create a readership for my writing, and continue to share my stories with the internet. Let’s see how it goes!


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