Writing on Writing – On Goals

January is a time for new resolutions. After all, with a whole new year ahead there are a million possibilities that one can try and achieve. For some it is exercise, for others it is food, for others further it could be their career.

I’ve got quite a few resolutions this year, but for my writing there are three main ones:

  • Hit your 10k words each month
  • Hit 100k words on “The Novel”
  • Write at least 10 days out of any given month.

Now I’m not going to hold myself to the goals, or berate myself if I fail them. But with a new word counter, the determination that comes from a week of eating nothing but rubbish food, and a drive to achieve my writing goals for once, I hope to meet them. This blog, for one, has helped me keep writing in the past. Now I hope to make my stories better, longer, and more in depth than previously.

By the end of 2017, I hope to be a better writer, and so a better person for it. We’ll see how I can keep to my wordcounts, but otherwise I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

Image Credit – Tekkebln, Flickr


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