On Writing – On Projects

On Projects – this week, I look at how to choose a new project. And how not to get distracted from your current project. (Image Credit – http://informedmag.com/)

Working out what will be my next project is something of a chore.

It’s not something that I’ll be doing any time soon. I’ve got at least three big projects on my plate that I’m planning on working on over the course of the next year. Then added on top is my writing I do for this blog, and the other time consuming requirements that comes from life’s demands.

I’ve tried to cultivate a more stringent writing ethic this year, in order to get some of these projects done. A the current rate, one of the big projects (that has been going on for 18 months) will be finished mid-way through the year.

Which leaves me with a conundrum – what do I make into my next project?

The reason I use Teacup Stories is because they’re a way to explore the pile of ideas that I would otherwise dismiss as not being important enough or not having enough potential to build into a longer story. However, out of those ideas that I use for teacup stories, I sometimes have an offshoot of an idea that I think this could be a potential story.

I’ve got about three of these ideas tucked away on my computer, waiting until a space opens up in my “project list” for them to be promoted up to be worked on daily. Sometimes I get an itch to write on those ideas, but along with my new writing ethic comes a new sense of “I must finish this first before I can start on the next thing”. There have been too many half-finished ideas, and 2017 is the year that I want to tackle this problem.

So my new projects will have to wait until they’re called forward to the main league. In the meantime I’ll have to keep slaving away at the projects that I already have and finish them before I can move onto something else.


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