On Writing – On Failure

On Failure– this week, I look at how it means to fail at something. And when it comes to writing (or anything) that failure is not necessarily a bad thing. (Image Credit – Anjan58, Flickr)

My goal at the start of the year was to write 10,000 words a month, on any combination of projects.

Then I failed.

Failure is not something that anyone really truly takes with grace. And as with any goal, not meeting that goal means you sit back and you think did I set my sights too high?

The past two months, I haven’t hit my word goals. If I was honest, it was because a computer game, or a TV show was more interesting to me at the time. There were times I was too tired, too exhausted mentally, or just plain old not inspired.

However, when it comes to writing, failure isn’t really a bad thing. It’s a creative task, writing, and as with anything creative, there are ebbs and flows in that power like there are ebbs and flows in the wind.

Since failing to hit my target in March, I let myself be more at peace with failure in April. It’s hard work, considering my natural state is to worry about anything and everything and especially about failing goals I’ve set for myself, but I’ve tried it.

And you know what? My creativity came back again. After a few weeks of hibernation, of watching other stories, of reading other things, the urge to sit down and write came back to me. It mean that even the sunshine outside could not draw me away from my inner desire to sit down and type for the whole afternoon, to spill out those words onto a page.

My projects that I discussed in March are still very much there. I know that they need some serious work on them, but for now they can just sit there. If these past few months have taught me anything, it is to be a little kinder to myself, and to keep my goals in place. Just because I did not hit my target one month does not mean I will not hit it the next. And nor does it mean that the goal was pointless in the first place.


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