On Writing – On Music

I think it is quite common for writers to use music as their guide. Whether it is using fast paced music for an action scene, or slow melodic music for a sad scene, there is a lot of power in music and how it evokes emotion within people. It is why it is used to such great effect in movies and TV, and it is one of the things that I cannot write without.

So today, I thought to look at some of my favourite pieces of music, and what scenes I use them for.

Plant Earth – Main Theme/We are the Designers

There are some beautiful pieces of music in the Planet Earth score, and some absolutely gorgeous scoring. The violins are excellent to evoke emotion, and I use these particular pieces for the more emotional writing, the heartbreaks or the big reveals. The ones where you want to pack a punch to the reader, and really make them connect with the character that you are writing.

Wonder Woman – No Mans Land

I could choose any music from this album and use it for my writing music. However, this piece is particularly evocative, I like to use it for dramatic changes or for those scenes that need to pack a dramatic punch.

Heart of Courage & Protectors of the Earth (Two Steps from Hell)

I use a lot of Two Steps from Hell to write to (especially their album Skyworld), but these two piece always stand out as my favourites. There is something exciting about them, building up to a large crescendo which is perfect for battles or any kind of fight scene.


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