Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Alix. I’m a writer from the UK, and have made this blog as somewhere to share my writing with the world at large.

I’m in my Mid-twenties, a Pisces (not that I put too much stock in that), an avid reader of fantasy (far too many books), and a general enthusiast for everything fantasy or sci fi based.

I live in a lovely house near the sea, with my partner-in-crime and my laptop. I predominately enjoy writing fantasy or science fiction, but you will find a variety of genres, ratings, and lengths of writing here. I’ve written everything from a fantasy assassin series to introspective abstract writings and everything in between.

The dream, one day, is to finish the book series that has been bubbling away for many years. This blog is my way of taking steps towards that dream, by developing my writing skills, my confidence, and my readership.

But as well as achieving my dreams, writing for me is a journey of self discovery, and a way to interpret the sometimes contradictory, confusing, and down-right befuddling world that is reality. And this blog helps me document that journey, towards my dreams, and towards understanding myself and the world around me.

Please feel free to leave likes, comments, or feedback. If you want to get in touch with me, please shoot me an email on acjay@outlook.com.

Lots of love,





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