Flashback – Nature of Wishes

Nature of Wishes – Sometimes, you can wish for the future, but it doesn’t mean that is the way the future will be. (Rating – PG, Genre – General)

Image Credit – Sean McEntree, Flickr


Teacup Story – Apple Pie

Apple Pie – For some, eating apple pie quietly on a weekend wasn’t something special. But for Jasime, it was. (Genre – General, Rating – 12, Warning – Hints at childhood trauma)

Jasmine curled up on the sofa, cradling her warm apple pie and ben and jerries. She could just about hold the bowl and keep the blanket on her shoulders, her hands peeking out from beneath the warmth to hold the bowl and spoon.

The flat was eerily quiet tonight. The only noise came from the gentle mellow songs that echoed from her phone’s speaker, quiet enough to not disturb the neighbours but loud enough to stop her mind creating horrors in the shadows.

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On Writing – On Blogging

This “On Writing”, I take a look at the power of blogging – namely showing the truthful opinion to the world that is not couched in the wrappings of a fictional story. (Picture Credit: Summer, Flickr)

Blogging is a strange creature. A measure of truthfulness, of actual opinion and actual story, but conveyed with words.

Words, for me, have always been a method to cover up. To conceal and camouflage my true ideas an opinions. Something that I am still trying to unlearn, and it is a struggle at times. When you write the truth, it is hard to find. Especially, for someone like me, when the truth is something so repressed and hidden within myself that on most days it can never be found.

Trying to give opinions on writing is like trying to give an opinion on anything – fucking hard. But I’m trying to use my writing as a way to discover my true voice that has been repressed and hidden, and to try and learn what my own opinions are. Which means starting with opinions on writing.

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Flashback – Book of Pattengon (3/4) – Nettlie

The Book of Pattegon (3) – The ancestors wanted their Magics back safely in their own corporeal arms. And that meant that the Book of Pattegon had to be stolen from the Inner Council itself. Which in turn meant that a little bit of chaos had to be created.

(Rating: 15, Warnings: violence, graphic imagery, Genre: Fantasy, Action, Adventure)

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Image credit – Flickr, Sean MacEntree

Teacup Story – Indifference

Indifference – the worst kind of pain comes from the indifference of those who should care (Rating: PG, Genre – General,)

Pain does not disappear if you don’t look at it.

You can look away, you can look towards happy things. You can force yourself to focus on the good, the great, the brilliant.

But it still hurts, just a little. The little twinge at the edge of your mind which reaches round the corners of your conscious thought and feeds the ache that you realise something is missing.

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Story – Civic Duty

Civic Duty – Penny had a little detour on the way home. A form of civic duty. (Warnings: violence, swearing. Rating: T12 Genre – Fantasy, Horror).

Penny found it was incredibly hard to resist the urge to rip the throat out of the man who was following her.

It was Shepard’s Pie night, and Talia would have her head on a spike if she ate before dinner. And Talia was one of the few people who could put Penny’s head on a spike, she was one of the strongest witches in the county.

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Teacup Story – Listening to Rain

Natalie would listen to the rain to find comfort. (Genre – General,  Genre – Angst, Warnings – death, aging, Rating – 12)

Natalie enjoyed listening to the rain hammering against the conservatory roof.

The carers here would complain that she would catch a chill, and wrap her up in blankets to keep her warm. It was cold in here, it bit deep into her bones easily, her thin skin barely keeping her bones protected now. The rings on her fingers, hers and Ben’s, were cold as well.

But the cold was a reminder, it was a sharp, painful, reminder that she still lived with every rattling breath. It was like waiting in God’s waiting room, waiting to die.

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