Flashback – Anxiety

Anxiety – Eva looked out on the battlefield below, and she felt fear overtake her. (Genre – Fantasy, Genre – General, Genre – Action, Rating – 15, Warnings – Language)

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Teacup Story – A quiet kind of sadness

Sometimes, sadness does not have to be loud to be powerful (Genre – General, Rating: PG)

The sadness is not a loud, screaming, ugly sobbing sadness.

It is a quiet sadness. An acceptance that this is the way things are. That there are some things you simply cannot change about the world.

A surrender of control to the past as it was.

As it truly was. No sugar coating, no rug sweeping, no hidden skeletons. In the bare light of day, the true horrific nature of the past is laid bare.

And it is sad.

And you have to accept it as it was, not as you wish it would be. Not as you want to re-write it, not as you want to imagine it, but as the cold hard memories that sit in your mind and remind you that this is what happened. Even if the details change, as all memories do, the truth is still there.

It happened.

It will never change.

And most of you, no matter how much you wish for it to go away.

It never will.

100 Words – Seen

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.]

Not to be looked through, or around, but to be seen.

Not to be forgotten or left behind, but to be seen.

Not to be ignored or unwanted, but to be seen.

To be seen is to be heard. To be wanted. To be cared for. To be interested in.

To be seen is to be looked at and understood.

To be seen is to be loved, just as you are.

To be seen is to be accepted.

100 Words – Regret

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.]

The fear of failure. It hangs heavy, the lurking in the shadows, whispering in your ear. It is the hesitation, that pause for thought where you think

Is this right?

Such a subjective question. A question with no right answer. And yet the fear of failure, the fear of the wrong choice, the fear that you will regret your choice hangs heavy. The deep knowing feeling that  you might not choose the right option.

As if anyone knows what the right option is anyway.

Teacup Story – Aftermath

Aftermath – Ee and her crew were waiting for their pickup, discussing their next big job. (Genre – Sci-Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating: 15, Warnings – Language)

“So they’re dead.”

Haea had a blunt, to the point way of putting things. Most people did after spending years in the Elites, it was the only way of coping.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Niin said, kicking an arm out of the way and sitting down on the wet earth, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Sarcasm, that was another trait of the Elites too.

“What do you think, Ee?” Haea asked, snapping Ee out of her thoughts, “you think they’re dead enough?”

She jerked her thumb over her shoulder at the wasteland behind her. The bodies were already starting to be absorbed into the mud, eaten by the soil for the nutrients.

“Yes,” Ee said, staring at her gun in her hands. Something hadn’t felt right about this mission, it just seemed off.

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Teacup Story – Reborn

Lily hated the New Year. It meant that another swathe of idiots had been Reborn as Gods. A giant pain, the lot of them. (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – 15, Warnings – Language)

Gerald purred against Lily as she stroked him gently. For once the normally crazy cat was subdued, exhausted from staying up all night because of the fireworks.

It was a new year. Lily didn’t put too much stock in the whole event, the parties or the dramatic resolutions. That was for those who believed they would be Reborn in the New Year, that this would be their year they could ascend to the next plane of existence.

Lily didn’t really care. This life was enough, she had Gerald, she had a decent job, she got through in life. There was no reason to be Reborn yet, not now. Maybe when she was old and dying she might throw in a few pence to the Higher Gods. At the moment, those pennies were better spent on ice cream.

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On writing – New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year to all of my readers, from my little corner of the internet.

Back in November last year, I was talking about how I wanted to do more blogging, not just about writing, but about myself.

Well, what started out as a little idea in the back of my brain has managed to thread its way into every aspect of my creativity. It’s as if opening myself to parts of myself that have remained hidden for man years has given me this new source of creativity.

A healing one, instead of an escape.

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100 Words – Rain

[100 Words is a story in 100 words or less, based off the word in the title.]

Wet, thick, heavy. The kind of rain which pins you inside and closes the outside world. It envelops glass windows in a thick pane of water, ever changing as the wind whips it by. It hammers, loud, fat drops banging against the window glass, not deafening but loud enough not to ignore. A reminder of the power of nature, the world we live in. Even though it is outside and you are inside, it makes you feel calm, the calmness you get from looking up at the stars or looking across an endless vista.

But this is just rain, hammering against the window pane.