Teacup Story – Listening to Rain

Natalie would listen to the rain to find comfort. (Genre – General,  Genre – Angst, Warnings – death, aging, Rating – 12)

Natalie enjoyed listening to the rain hammering against the conservatory roof.

The carers here would complain that she would catch a chill, and wrap her up in blankets to keep her warm. It was cold in here, it bit deep into her bones easily, her thin skin barely keeping her bones protected now. The rings on her fingers, hers and Ben’s, were cold as well.

But the cold was a reminder, it was a sharp, painful, reminder that she still lived with every rattling breath. It was like waiting in God’s waiting room, waiting to die.

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Teacup Story – Goodbye Anger

Casey writes to move forward with her thoughts, and her life (Genre – General,  Genre – Introspective, Universe – Diary of Casey Macford, Rating – 12)

Anger is a good emotion, a strong emotion. It is an emotion which comes from wanting to fight back against the world, a person, a situation. It is vibrant reds and oranges, it is pure brilliant white like the heat of a forge.

Anger shapes you, if you’re not careful. It is so hot, so loud, that it can warp you into something new, something worse. You can’t hear the other emotions when anger is roaring through you, it’s harder to see the happiness, the calmness, the love in the world around you.

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On Writing – On New Beginnings

There has been a lot of new things going on in my life recently. New job, new towns, new personal goals. The list is endless, rather terrifying, but exponentially exciting.

The new starts don’t just stop there. I’ve been running this blog for three years (!!) now, and what started as a novel method of keeping me writing original stories has turned into something of a personal project to showcase my writing to the world.

Those beady eyed followers would have noticed that I now have an Instagram and a new Tumblr link to cross-post my stories to and generally market my little corner of the internet more. I’m still quite new to these sites, but feel free to drop in and say hi! I’d love to get to know you all a little better.

As part of my new Grand Plan, I’ve been creating new content and stories to try and make my updates more frequent. Despite the new pressures on my limited time, and a shedload of ability to procrastinate like the best, I’m determined to make it work.

The new chapter of life is about living – new experiences, new goals, and new focusses that are outside of just career achievements. It’ll be nice to include writing as one of those new goals, and to start working towards my dreams in a meaningful manner. I have no idea how long it will take to reach my goals, or whether my plan will need some tweaks along the way, but I’m excited to see where life, and this new Grand Plan, takes me.

Hope you will join the journey with me.

Photo Credit – Sakeeb Sabakkar, Flickr

Teacup Story – Coffee in the Morning

Lydia always took her coffee from the same Barista. And every time she tried not to notice how much she liked him (Genre – Romance, Genre – General, Rating – PG)

“One flat white for you, Ma’am,”

“It’s Lydia,” Lydia replied, biting her lip as she forced herself to look at the handsome barista, Chris.

“Lydia,” Chris replied. Her name on his voice sounded like a breath of fresh air.

“Thanks, Chris,” Lydia said, smiling at Chris, as she took her coffee and retreated to her normal corner of the café.

They played this routine every weekend. Every Saturday, Lydia would come in and order her flat white with a flapjack bar on the side, and every Saturday Chris would make sure it was he who served her. It wasn’t a thing, more like an almost thing, something that was just starting to develop into a thing.

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Teacup Story – Traffic Jams

Heather and Jacob sat in the Bank holiday traffic, wanting to get to their holiday destination (Genre – General, Genre – Romance, Rating – PG)

“Can we please change the radio?” Heather asked, reaching towards the radio dial.

“Hey,” Jacob said, swatting away Heather’s hand, “my turn for the tunes. That’s what we agreed.”

“I know,” Heather grumbled, glaring at the radio, “but I hate this song.”

“You said it was your favourite song?” Jacob said.

“I’ve listened to it too many times,” Heather groaned. It was one of those songs that you had to have a break from for a bit. Like a few months. Maybe a year.

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Story – The Call

The Call – Breel flew high above the sea, watching, waiting, protecting Erawth from the invaders on the horizon (Genre – Fantasy, Rating – 12) (Image credit – Simon Rankin, Flickr)

There was something special about flying on top of a dragon, Breel thought.

There was no freedom like it, just the wind rushing through her hair as she guided Naydiala with her mind, with only the clouds for company. The wind was light today, the currents gently carrying Naydiala as she soared above the fields.

You are much like your mother, Naydiala murmured in the corner of Breel’s mind. Breel chuckled.

Thank you, Breel replied, you know how much that means to me.

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