Story – Underling

Captain Elaya of the Seventy-Fifth Colonist Forces led her troops into battle with the Underlings. But that did not mean she was driven by desire for heroism. (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Warnings: violence, Rating: 15)

Elaya looked down on the bodies of her fallen foes with sadness.

Is this what it feels like, she thought, to be a hero?

Luckily her helmet stopped the smell of the charred bodies from getting to her, but the vision was enough. They had mowed down the assailants, Underlings from the depths of the ruins which had attempted to swarm her unit. The effects of the fire bullets was always catastrophic, but it made it somehow worse when dealing with Underlings. It was the way the poison in their skin reacted to the fire, it would char them from the inside.

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Teacup Story – Shadows

Shadows – There are parts of your mind that you do not look into. For those shadows hold secrets, and those secrets are fear. (Genre – General, Rating – 12, Warnings – trauma)

Trauma cannot be contained by mere words.

It is deep, a deep instilling memory that is burned onto the back of your mind. It lies in wait, like a shadow, waiting for you to notice it.

And when you do? When you do notice it?

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Teacup Story – One thing at a time

Kae looked down upon the valley below to find some semblance of peace (Rating: PG, Genre – General, Genre – Sci-Fi)

Peace, in whatever its forms, is not something that comes naturally.

It is a quiet moment, an absence of thought, when a person can just exist in that one moment. Time, it seems, only moves forward when you rush and forget that there is an entire world around you, existing, breathing, living.

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On Writing – On Failure

On Failure– this week, I look at how it means to fail at something. And when it comes to writing (or anything) that failure is not necessarily a bad thing. (Image Credit – Anjan58, Flickr)

My goal at the start of the year was to write 10,000 words a month, on any combination of projects.

Then I failed.

Failure is not something that anyone really truly takes with grace. And as with any goal, not meeting that goal means you sit back and you think did I set my sights too high?

The past two months, I haven’t hit my word goals. If I was honest, it was because a computer game, or a TV show was more interesting to me at the time. There were times I was too tired, too exhausted mentally, or just plain old not inspired.

However, when it comes to writing, failure isn’t really a bad thing. It’s a creative task, writing, and as with anything creative, there are ebbs and flows in that power like there are ebbs and flows in the wind.

Since failing to hit my target in March, I let myself be more at peace with failure in April. It’s hard work, considering my natural state is to worry about anything and everything and especially about failing goals I’ve set for myself, but I’ve tried it.

And you know what? My creativity came back again. After a few weeks of hibernation, of watching other stories, of reading other things, the urge to sit down and write came back to me. It mean that even the sunshine outside could not draw me away from my inner desire to sit down and type for the whole afternoon, to spill out those words onto a page.

My projects that I discussed in March are still very much there. I know that they need some serious work on them, but for now they can just sit there. If these past few months have taught me anything, it is to be a little kinder to myself, and to keep my goals in place. Just because I did not hit my target one month does not mean I will not hit it the next. And nor does it mean that the goal was pointless in the first place.

Teacup Story – Happy Place

Happy Place – There is one view that will forever be her happy place. (Genre – Free Writing, Rating – PG).

It is cold when she steps out onto the balcony.

The mountain air up here is not a biting cold, it is more gentler than that. It is the cold of memories, a reminder that summer has passed and now winter is drawing in close. It is the cold of a clear sky, with no clouds warming the night air. It is a cold which is calming, soothing, caressing.

She walks towards the chair that sits on the balcony, scraping it across the tile and pulling it to the right space. Over her shoulder are blankets, the only two in the hotel room, which she flings onto the seat so she can wrap herself in their woolly embrace. It will not keep her warm, not for long, but enough for her to enjoy the view.

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Teacup Story – Graveside

Graveside – Aleiav visted the graveside of the woman she hated (Genre – Angst, Rating – 18, Warnings – mentions of abuse by a parent).

“I fucking hate you,” Aleiav said.

The graveyard was silent. The gravestone was silent, the angel staring back at her with cold, dead, stone eyes.

There were a few birds singing in the trees. The sun shone high in the sky.

Aleiav hated this place. She hated the graveyard. She hated everything about it.

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