Teacup Story – To usurp an enemy (Tales of the Dragon Universe) – Part 3/5

To save her kingdom, Veli has to usurp her enemy. (Rating: 12, Universe – Tales of the Dragon, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Action)

Previous Parts: Part 1 (Future) , Part 2 (Contemplation and Plans)

“You know that you socialise with some truly peculiar folk,” Veli commented as Opeal led the other woman down a tiny alleyway which was littered with beggers and drunks alike.

“They’re the folk that will let you keep your kingdom,” Opeal said, “don’t be too judgemental.”

Veli gave Opeal a flat glare and shifted the scarf that was pulled up tightly over her hair and mouth in the style of many of the citizens of the poor quarter. It was the only way that she could wander the streets of her own city without her advisors finding out about her exploits and then giving her a lecture of the dangers of the poor quarter.

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Teacup story – Contemplation and Plans – (Tales of the Dragon Universe)

Contemplation and Plans – Opeal decided the best way to deal with the news that Veli’s plan had failed was to go to the pub and drink alcohol. (Universe – Tales of the Dragon, Genre – General, Genre – Fantasy, Rating – PG).

Opeal swilled her drink around in her cup. Her hat sat upon the bar next to her, the feathers stuck up jauntily over the wide brim. Some considered it ridiculous, but those who did so usually ended up dead with a knife in the back.

“Same again?” Nate, the barman, asked her. Opeal lifted her chin in agreement, letting Nate take away her empty glass. The alcohol numbed the pain for now, but it would come back when she woke up, along with a stinking hangover.

When Nate returned with her drink, she downed it in one.

“That bad huh?” Nate said, leaning on the bar, eyes scanning the crowd for any unruly trouble. He would offer her an understanding ear, Nate was one of the few people in the Northern Mountains that Opeal would trust with her life.

That list was getting shorter by the day.

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