Teacup Story – The Gardener

Melyy was known as the Gardener, with a reputation for cultivating those plants that could kill others. She was a specialist, and a specialist’s skills were always in demand (Genre – Fantasy, Fiction, Action, Rating – 12)

Melyy hummed to herself as she went through her greenhouse. The plants were flourishing in the heat of the summer, especially the small seeds of Ueeisl which was just starting to poke through the green soil. Hopefully she would get a good crop this year, she needed a good crop to pass onto the Triage so they stayed off her back.

She tugged her gloves up around her elbows, carefully pruning back one of the larger Iopi plants which was starting to get to the grow wildly and in every direction stage of growth. What had been a mere seed back in Inner’s month in the winter was now a young sapling of a tree, complete with purple and yellow leaves. In a year or so it would start producing the namesake red-berries that when distilled properly, could kill a horse.

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Teacup Story – Setup

Hecura knew how to defend her lands, especially against a poxy youth (Genre – Fiction, Action, General, Rating – 12)

“Get up,” Hecura said, kicking Lord Uldrige with her foot and sending him across the courtier’s debating floor.

Uldrige coughed blood onto the arm of his white jacket as he staggered to his feet.

“I have told you before,” Uldrige growled, “you do not own those lands. They were my family’s heritage, they were stolen from us!”

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Teacup Story – Essay Writing

Leaving her essay to the last minute was always a dangerous game (Genre – General, Rating – PG)

Heather could barely keep her eyes open at her desk.

The clock flashed, taunting her with it’s single digit numbers. The silence of the night was deafening, even Rachel was asleep. Rachel was known for coming in the small hours of the morning blind drunk and making a racket that could wakeup the entire neighbourhood.

And even she was asleep.

Just one more paragraph, Heather thought, as she leafed through her textbook. Her mind was addled with exhaustion, and she could barely read the words on the page. They swum in front of her eyes like fish under the water of the university pond.

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Teacup Story – Family

For Islli, her wolff always came first (Genre – Sci Fi, Rating – PG)

The responsibility wasn’t something that came naturally to Islli. It was hard work, it was stressful, to have something so completely dependent upon you for everything. You didn’t get a day off, you didn’t get time out. You were the only person they could rely on for food, water and safety. And you had to provide it to them every day.

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Teacup Story – Forgiveness cannot be brought

Forgiveness cannot be brought – Kiela did not want to forgive her mother. She didn’t deserve it. However, her father disagreed (Genre – Fiction, Rating – 15, Warnings: implied child abuse)

“I don’t want to forgive her,” Kiela hissed at her father.

“You must,” her father replied. That was his standard reply. Forgive your mother. Ignore your pain, your feelings, your hurt. Forgive her so she can be happy again.

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Teacup – Justice

Justice – Grall needed justice for her people, and that meant like for like. (Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Action, Rating – 15, Warnings: Violence)

“Justice,” Grall whispered into the ear of the corpse, sliding her dagger from the body with ease.

She dropped the body, which had once been Sitter Trin, on the floor. It flopped on top of the other bodies, the other Sitters, that she had dragged into the centre of the floor.

“Is served,” Grall said with a grin. She could feel the blood sticking to her skin as it dried, her clothes were stained black with the Vasea blood. Sitter Been had been a particularly hard kill, Vaseas were always were hard kills.

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Teacup Story – Freedom

Hayal was stuck inside a prison, waiting to die. Freedom was a long a distant memory now. (Genre – Fiction, Genre – Action, Rating – 12).


Now that was an interesting concept.

Hayal threw a stone against the wall. It hit with a loud clang, before falling straight to the floor with another clang.

Freedom was something that you only realised you had when you lost it. When you were staring your imprisonment in the eye and knowing you’d never be a free woman again.

Hayal picked up another stone and threw it at the wall.

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Teacup Story – A quiet kind of sadness

Sometimes, sadness does not have to be loud to be powerful (Genre – General, Rating: PG)

The sadness is not a loud, screaming, ugly sobbing sadness.

It is a quiet sadness. An acceptance that this is the way things are. That there are some things you simply cannot change about the world.

A surrender of control to the past as it was.

As it truly was. No sugar coating, no rug sweeping, no hidden skeletons. In the bare light of day, the true horrific nature of the past is laid bare.

And it is sad.

And you have to accept it as it was, not as you wish it would be. Not as you want to re-write it, not as you want to imagine it, but as the cold hard memories that sit in your mind and remind you that this is what happened. Even if the details change, as all memories do, the truth is still there.

It happened.

It will never change.

And most of you, no matter how much you wish for it to go away.

It never will.

Teacup Story – Aftermath

Aftermath – Ee and her crew were waiting for their pickup, discussing their next big job. (Genre – Sci-Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Rating: 15, Warnings – Language)

“So they’re dead.”

Haea had a blunt, to the point way of putting things. Most people did after spending years in the Elites, it was the only way of coping.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Niin said, kicking an arm out of the way and sitting down on the wet earth, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Sarcasm, that was another trait of the Elites too.

“What do you think, Ee?” Haea asked, snapping Ee out of her thoughts, “you think they’re dead enough?”

She jerked her thumb over her shoulder at the wasteland behind her. The bodies were already starting to be absorbed into the mud, eaten by the soil for the nutrients.

“Yes,” Ee said, staring at her gun in her hands. Something hadn’t felt right about this mission, it just seemed off.

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