On Writing – On Blogging

This “On Writing”, I take a look at the power of blogging – namely showing the truthful opinion to the world that is not couched in the wrappings of a fictional story. (Picture Credit: Summer, Flickr)

Blogging is a strange creature. A measure of truthfulness, of actual opinion and actual story, but conveyed with words.

Words, for me, have always been a method to cover up. To conceal and camouflage my true ideas an opinions. Something that I am still trying to unlearn, and it is a struggle at times. When you write the truth, it is hard to find. Especially, for someone like me, when the truth is something so repressed and hidden within myself that on most days it can never be found.

Trying to give opinions on writing is like trying to give an opinion on anything – fucking hard. But I’m trying to use my writing as a way to discover my true voice that has been repressed and hidden, and to try and learn what my own opinions are. Which means starting with opinions on writing.

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On Writing – On New Beginnings

There has been a lot of new things going on in my life recently. New job, new towns, new personal goals. The list is endless, rather terrifying, but exponentially exciting.

The new starts don’t just stop there. I’ve been running this blog for three years (!!) now, and what started as a novel method of keeping me writing original stories has turned into something of a personal project to showcase my writing to the world.

Those beady eyed followers would have noticed that I now have an Instagram and a new Tumblr link to cross-post my stories to and generally market my little corner of the internet more. I’m still quite new to these sites, but feel free to drop in and say hi! I’d love to get to know you all a little better.

As part of my new Grand Plan, I’ve been creating new content and stories to try and make my updates more frequent. Despite the new pressures on my limited time, and a shedload of ability to procrastinate like the best, I’m determined to make it work.

The new chapter of life is about living – new experiences, new goals, and new focusses that are outside of just career achievements. It’ll be nice to include writing as one of those new goals, and to start working towards my dreams in a meaningful manner. I have no idea how long it will take to reach my goals, or whether my plan will need some tweaks along the way, but I’m excited to see where life, and this new Grand Plan, takes me.

Hope you will join the journey with me.

Photo Credit – Sakeeb Sabakkar, Flickr

On Writing – On Music

I think it is quite common for writers to use music as their guide. Whether it is using fast paced music for an action scene, or slow melodic music for a sad scene, there is a lot of power in music and how it evokes emotion within people. It is why it is used to such great effect in movies and TV, and it is one of the things that I cannot write without.

So today, I thought to look at some of my favourite pieces of music, and what scenes I use them for.

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On Writing – On Failure

On Failure– this week, I look at how it means to fail at something. And when it comes to writing (or anything) that failure is not necessarily a bad thing. (Image Credit – Anjan58, Flickr)

My goal at the start of the year was to write 10,000 words a month, on any combination of projects.

Then I failed.

Failure is not something that anyone really truly takes with grace. And as with any goal, not meeting that goal means you sit back and you think did I set my sights too high?

The past two months, I haven’t hit my word goals. If I was honest, it was because a computer game, or a TV show was more interesting to me at the time. There were times I was too tired, too exhausted mentally, or just plain old not inspired.

However, when it comes to writing, failure isn’t really a bad thing. It’s a creative task, writing, and as with anything creative, there are ebbs and flows in that power like there are ebbs and flows in the wind.

Since failing to hit my target in March, I let myself be more at peace with failure in April. It’s hard work, considering my natural state is to worry about anything and everything and especially about failing goals I’ve set for myself, but I’ve tried it.

And you know what? My creativity came back again. After a few weeks of hibernation, of watching other stories, of reading other things, the urge to sit down and write came back to me. It mean that even the sunshine outside could not draw me away from my inner desire to sit down and type for the whole afternoon, to spill out those words onto a page.

My projects that I discussed in March are still very much there. I know that they need some serious work on them, but for now they can just sit there. If these past few months have taught me anything, it is to be a little kinder to myself, and to keep my goals in place. Just because I did not hit my target one month does not mean I will not hit it the next. And nor does it mean that the goal was pointless in the first place.

On Writing – On Projects

On Projects – this week, I look at how to choose a new project. And how not to get distracted from your current project. (Image Credit – http://informedmag.com/)

Working out what will be my next project is something of a chore.

It’s not something that I’ll be doing any time soon. I’ve got at least three big projects on my plate that I’m planning on working on over the course of the next year. Then added on top is my writing I do for this blog, and the other time consuming requirements that comes from life’s demands.

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On Writing – Prompts

One of my favourite ways to generate new ideas is to use writing prompts.

I love the way that you can generate a totally new scenario from merely a couple of words, or a picture that you stumble across. Inspiration is generally hard to find, but with a prompt it gives you a direction to go in, and it challenges you to consider new ideas that you may not have written before.

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