Teacup Story – Waiting on a Message

Ele did not mourn like everyone else. She simply waited for the text to come in. (Genre – Sci fi, Rating – 15, Warnings: Mentions of Abuse, Death).

Ele sat staring at her phone, waiting for the text to come in.

Around her, chaos reigned. Her parents, the rulers of their Sector, had been murdered in the night. Somehow, someone had managed to get past the security perimeter. Already, the news was breaking across the Sector, screams rose from the streets as the populace began to fear for their very safety. Who had killed their protectors? Who had killed the very people that were supposed to keep them safe? There were rumours that the Tenth Sector down south had a hand in it, but they were off destroying their own uprisings. Some even suggested that it was Peoe, the Second in Command who would now take executive powers to try and smooth over the power vacuum. There was nothing more dangerous in this world than the lack of power. It was bad enough that there were no resources, no food, and barely any space left on the tiny floating raft which kept them alive.

“It’s so awful,” Ele’s nurse, Jacque said, crying to himself. She let him cry, offering no words of support.

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Teacup Story – Smoking Remnants

Smoking Remnants – Ia watches as her village  burns, wanting to seek revenge (Rating: 12, Genre – Fantasy, Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Action)

Ia looked down on the smoking remains of their village. Even from up here, in the safety of the mountains, she could taste the ash on the air. The anger inside her was deep, she had warned the council that the humans were advancing across their borders and yet they did nothing.

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On Writing – On Music

I think it is quite common for writers to use music as their guide. Whether it is using fast paced music for an action scene, or slow melodic music for a sad scene, there is a lot of power in music and how it evokes emotion within people. It is why it is used to such great effect in movies and TV, and it is one of the things that I cannot write without.

So today, I thought to look at some of my favourite pieces of music, and what scenes I use them for.

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Teacup Story – The Morning After

The Morning After – It had been a turbulent night. Both for literal and metaphorical reasons. It meant that Helen liked to take a moment to consider where her life was at. (Genre – General, Rating – 15, Warnings: Language)

Helen picked up the glasses from the night before, washing them with a methodical manner which was almost soothing to her cracking hangover.

It was just wine. Wine and a bit of fun. Nothing more.

James was still upstairs, in bed. Helen wasn’t sure what this made them now. She didn’t really want to think about it.

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Teacup Story – A red hot iron

A red hot iron – Every journey is hard, to earn the destination. But sometimes, the journey is overwhelming. (Genre – General, Rating – 12)

There is an ethereal beauty in pain.

It is consuming, hot and bright like a burning piece of iron speared into the core of your soul. It defines you, it drives you, it is you.

And then you look outside of yourself, and realise that the pain is not a universal experience. That other people, those normal people, do not have the same piece of iron piecing their soul. They are whole, they are warm, they are welcoming and happy.

It is hard, to consider a world without pain. Because without that pain, without that iron that has been inside you for so long, who are you? Who am I, really, in a world of undefined people and infinite possibilities?

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Story – Underling

Captain Elaya of the Seventy-Fifth Colonist Forces led her troops into battle with the Underlings. But that did not mean she was driven by desire for heroism. (Genre – Sci Fi, Genre – Fantasy, Warnings: violence, Rating: 15)

Elaya looked down on the bodies of her fallen foes with sadness.

Is this what it feels like, she thought, to be a hero?

Luckily her helmet stopped the smell of the charred bodies from getting to her, but the vision was enough. They had mowed down the assailants, Underlings from the depths of the ruins which had attempted to swarm her unit. The effects of the fire bullets was always catastrophic, but it made it somehow worse when dealing with Underlings. It was the way the poison in their skin reacted to the fire, it would char them from the inside.

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